Monday, February 11, 2013

Foyer DIY Abstract Art

A few weeks ago I painted this abstract art inspired by Richard Serra. I tried to hang it up in the foyer, liked it and took it to a framing shop to have it framed. I chose the faux bamboo champagne frame over the floater (are you surprised?) because I think it works better for the space. So here it is.

BW Abstract Art in Regency Faux Bamboo Frame in Champagne.

A closeup look of the painting.

So this is what it looks like in my foyer. I wish you could see the textures and reflections I could see from different angles.

The staircase looks so overwhelming in all my pictures. My next step is to decide whether to paint the staircase like this, mockup done in PS.

At a minimum, I think I will paint the stringers on both sides to match the painted wall panels. So what do you think? Shall I paint the staircase like in the mockup?

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