Sunday, February 3, 2013

New Abstract Art

A while ago I added this abstract art by Julia Di Sano of EBI Emporium to my art inspiration Pinterest board. I've since been researching on new abstract art to go into my foyer. After all this time I still find myself very drawn to the texture and colours of this painting, so I went ahead and purchased it a couple of weeks ago from Julia.

Julia is a talented and passionate artist who is not afraid to venture vibrant colours into her artworks, and has an appreciation of tastefully incorporating art into home decor. A few days after I placed the order, this nicely-wrapped pretty package showed up in the mail.

Although I haven't decided to keep it in the foyer, I love the splash of colour this painting adds to the space.

Julia has so many gorgeous pieces on her Etsy store, and I could already pick out a few more that I would like to buy, such as this:

Or how about this for a more transitional decor style?

On a related note, I dusted off my easel and paint brush and started to work on a black and white abstract art. I will share some of that later.

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