Sunday, February 10, 2013

Vintage Find: Blanc de Chine Figurines

February 10 marked the beginning of a new lunar year - the Year of Snake. A Chinese New Year celebration means keeping your house clean, decorating in red and gold, avoiding using words such as the number 4 (pronounced as "si" in Chinese = death), and of course around-the-clock good food and wine with family.

You need to be close to Chinese malls like Pacific Mall or Market Village to feel the festive mood. On Saturday or the New Year Eve Anthony and I decided to go there after his haircut. Btw, haircut is strictly prohibited on the first day of the Chinese New Year because it will cut away the fortune. We don't really follow these rules but since we were going to get the haircut this weekend so we went with the Eve. Plus, just like my father always says, why tempt the luck right?

We strolled to the same chinaware store where I picked up the vintage pair of foo dogs. Funny enough, as soon as I entered the store, I saw this pair of Blanc de Chine Porcelain Elegant Figurines on the same top shelf where I found the foo dogs! As if the owner was again waiting for me to find them! These elephant figurines were made of the finest porcelain - they felt so smooth and soft to touch, and appear translucent. They were meant to be mine.
Now they are sitting on a sofa table in my living room, together with the also-vintage Blanc de Chine Kwan Yin figurine. It looks like the Year of Snake is off to a good start for me. 

This week is full of work travel for me plus two of my cousins are coming to visit. I am excited and stressed at the same time. 

My best wishes to you and your family for a happy and healthy Year of Snake!

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