Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Vintage Find: Blue Turquoise Foo Dogs

Foo dogs are lion-like mythical creatures that are iconic in Chinoiserie decor. I've been lusting for a pair of blue turquoise foo dogs for a long time, but true vintage blue-glazed ones are very hard to come by. Also, they are not cheap as a pair of 12" tall often goes for ~$1,000. Don't let those a couple of hundred-dollar replicas fool you...they don't hold or increase in value over time. Most vintage pieces that made to the West were made in 1950s in China, so the craftsmanship at the time was so much more delicate.

As luck would have it, this past weekend when hubby and I went to Market Village for lunch, we stepped into a Chinese antique/chinaware shop that we had never set foot in. And there I saw this pair of foo dogs on a top shelf behind glass doors. They were not the typical sitting type on a pedestal, but they nonetheless took my breath away.

Aren't they in the most beautiful blue turquoise shade? They were seriously made to perfection. After some friendly haggling, I took these precious home. The best part is, I didn't pay anywhere close to $1,000!

I haven't figured out where to put them yet, so for now they are in my dining room. 

I might keep them on the buffet, or move them on to the foyer chest or to the living room coffee table. 

If you are interested in true vintage/antique Chinoiserie collector pieces, you should pay Lee Fung Chinaware a visit. The owners are retiring soon and they are having a store-closing clearance sale now.

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