Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fabulous Find: Pink Flamingo

Ever since I saw this pink flamingo figurine from Marlie & Jessica Waks' living room featured in Style At Home magazine, I desperately wanted one. Oh did I ever tell you that pink is one of my favourite colors? I searched online and in store and every possible place where I might land one but no luck.

Recently I learnt something new -- things will show up when I am not looking for them. So all I need to do is to cool off and wait. That's what happened with the vintage Foo Dogs and now the pink flamingo. A week ago I went to a HomeSense store for Christmas ornaments, and saw this Murano Glass Pink Flamingo figurine on a shelf among million other things. I think my heart might have skipped a beat at that moment. There were two, and although the other one wasn't as perfect as this one, I took both of them home. I probably should break this "buy now, decide later" type of shopping pattern.

Isn't it gorgeous? I love this shade of pink! 

This is the other one now sitting in a guest bedroom. I like the more translucent pink glass but don't like the shape of it as much. 

The first one is now sitting on my gold-leaf bombe chest in the upper hall. A glance at it every time I walk by makes me so happy!

Have you recently fulfilled any obsession? Do you agree that things pop up when you least look for them?

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