Sunday, November 25, 2012

New Kitchen Art

Hope you all had a great weekend. It was yet another busy one for us: we went to a birthday party on Saturday, and Sunday when Anthony was busy saving lives, I spent the afternoon at a day spa. And just like that, the weekend was gone. I didn't even get around to the One of a Kind Show, but I am definitely going this coming weekend.

On Saturday I also picked up the re-framed Alanna Cavanagh tea towel (I crashed it the first time around). With the vibrant colors and fun style, the framed tea towel is so versatile that it can really go anywhere in the house. I decided to keep it in the kitchen as first it's a natural fit, and second, my kitchen could really lighten up a bit.

So here's the newly framed Alanna Cavanagh limited edition tea towel. I pretty much copied Tim @ Design Maze's idea.

It now finds a perfect spot in my kitchen. I love how perky and light-hearted it looks which balances out my dark kitchen cabinets.

Speaking of dark kitchen cabinets, realizing almost every designer's kitchen now is based on white cabinetry, I am really tempted to make some change as well. Years ago when we picked the kitchen cabinets, we were talked into a darker stain and how it made solid maple cabinetry look more luxurious. So the bad news is that we've spent tons of dough on these babies so to have them painted seems a bit of a waste. In addition to the cabinetry, I could also think of a lot of improvements I'd like to make in this kitchen, such as a couple of built-in wall ovens (get to bake at different temperatures at the same time), pots and pans drawer, a bigger island, etc. If this was your kitchen, would you have the cabinets painted in white?

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