Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Color Me Happy: Teal

I am on Banana Republic's distribution list and yesterday I received a newsletter about the latest color trend Teal. I couldn't take my eyes off the prettiness and richness of the color. Teal is a bluish-green that comes in many shades and hues. It is like a much warmer and more passionate cousin of Blue. I think I might just find another color for the "pop" effect. :)
From centre clock-wise:

1. Natalie Chan Bridesmaid Collection: Natalie is the wife of one of my cousins, and a super talented Kiwi milliner and fashion designer. Check out her design portfolio and online shop at http://www.nataliechan.co.nz/products-page/.

2. OPI "Teal Ski We Drop" nail enamel. Picture by Le Journal de Mademoiselle.

3. Banana Republic's Teal stone layered necklace, a perfect stocking stuffer.

4. Natalie Chan's teal silk rosette.

5. Young House Love's painted built-in in Dragonfly. I think I am going to the dark side for my basement Ikea built-in as well.

6. Banana Republic's BR Sparkle chandelier earring in teal. I am drooling.

7. French teal linen wingback chair from Istdibs.

Have you found a new color that you love lately?

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