Monday, November 19, 2012

Color Me Happy: Sage Green

Sage Green is a greyish muted green color, and is not an easy color to work with. However, if used properly, sage green can have very serene and sensational impact either on your outfit or room decor.
From the centre clock-wise:

1. Bari Jay Bridesmaids Dresses in sage green: do you know sage green is a very popular bridal color theme?

2. (Wedding) cake in sage green accent by HBA Photography.

3. Cococozy Logo pillow in sage green: if money was no subject, I'd buy all of Cococozy's gorgeous pillows!

4. Green Amethyst gemstone ring via Overstock.

5. Glass tile in sage green via Subway Tile Outlet.

6. Rough green amethyst stones via Jaf Impex.

7. ROYAL DOULTON 1815 4 Piece Place Setting in sage green: don't you just love the watercolor dipped effect? This is what inspired me to start this inspiration board.

8. Sage Green Pistachio Macaroons via Tartelette blog. I can have pistachio macaroons for breakfast, or afternoon tea, or evening snacks, every day. :)

So have you ever incorporated Sage Green into your outfit or home decor? How do you like the color?

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