Sunday, November 18, 2012

Love for Alanna Cavanagh

I fell in love with Alanna Cavanagh's art years ago when her big orange scissors screen print first came out. For those that love Alanna's art as much as I do, you will be very pleased to know that Alanna's New and Limited Edition Christmas Tea Towel is now available at The Bay. This time around I wasn't going to take any chances so I ordered two pieces. The same daschund named Walter is still in it and I just love all the colors Alanna had picked for this tea towel: so happy, festive, light-hearted and vintagey at the same time. It's such a fabulous and affordable way to own a piece of Alanna's art!

Remember the story about how I played with The Bay's check-out system and ended up with two of these fabulous and supposedly-out-of-stock limited edition tea towels?

I really love what Tim @ Design Maze did with the towel so I took his idea so the good news is that it has been framed and I found a perfect spot in the kitchen for it. And now comes the bad news -- do you see the damaged corner in the picture? As I was unwrapping the frame (it was so heavy) I lost the grip so the frame took a free fall smashing right into the floor. Blame my small hands and impatience to wait for my husband to help!

I was heart-broken and had to take it right back to the art shop to get it re-framed. Luckily the glass wasn't broken otherwise it would've put a bigger hole in my pocket. Oh well, I guess I will just have to wait for a few more days to enjoy it. More pictures to follow.
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