Thursday, November 15, 2012

DIY Ball Ornament Garland

This past weekend I started to add colorful ornaments to our 2012 holiday mantle. After a few attempts, it seemed like turquoise, blue, silver, bronze and green combination works the best for our living room. With a roll of organza ribbon (.25" in width), I linked these ornament balls together by tying a knot every 6-8cm to secure each ball in place. I figured if I didn't like the garland on the mantle I could always use it on the tree.

I love how cheerful and bright these colors are together, just what we need when it's cloudy and chilly outside in winter months.

I think my 2012 holiday mantle is set, and now I can move on to the tree. So do you like this colorful version better, or would you still prefer the pretty monochromatic (white) holiday mantle from a week ago?

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