Sunday, July 6, 2014

London: Architecture and Landmarks

I must warn you this is a post full of pictures. It is hard to characterize the architectural style in London; after all, it has accumulated its buildings and landmarks over a period of time longer than most other large cities in the world. I am no expert when it comes to architecture - my camera only captured whatever pleased my eyes. 

This is one of my favourite shots from the trip: a park bench, a royal blue lamp post, a tree, overlooking Tower Bridge. 

There are a total of 200 bridges spanning the River Thames between the City of London and Southwark, so one really can't say they've been to London without taking any pictures of the bridges. This is the Millennium Bridge from the Tate Modern perspective. 

Southwark Bridge.

The Golden Jubilee Bridge, Embankment, pylons and deck stays.

Tate Modern and the National Gallery are my two favourite galleries I've been to in London. This is the Turbine Hall inside Tate Modern. 

The Tate Modern Project, a new addition that looks like a spaceship. 

Built in 1881, the National History Museum boasts breathtaking architecture.

Minerals The Vault, inside the Natural History Museum. Love the ceiling moulding. 

The archway inside the Dean's Yard, Westminster Abbey. The Knox College Chapel at University of Toronto looks a lot like a mini replica of the Dean's Yard. 

The Gherkin, from Fenchurch Street. 

The Shard.

The London Eye, hub and spokes. 

Black and gold details of ones of the gates to Buckingham Palace. 

The Victoria Memorial.

The Queen's Guard. 

Big Ben! 

The Notting Hill Bookstore.

The Sherlock Holmes Bar, a few steps from the apartment suite we rented in London, right off Trafalgar Square. It was a super convenient location IMO - we were a couple of minutes away from Charing Cross Station where we could grab a taxi; and within 15 minutes walk to all major attractions. No, we didn't ride the Tube, not even once in London. For shorter distance it was actually cheaper to take a taxi. 

Coach & Horses pub, Soho. 

Red Double-decker is one of the most prominent London icons. We just so happened to run into the "Year of the Bus - The Regent Street Bus Cavalcade" while we were there. It took us on a trip down memory lane by showing us all the double-deckers London had to offer over the years.

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