Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Go Big or Go Home

In case you haven't noticed, of late I have been writing less frequent but longer posts with a lot more pictures. Summer is beautiful but short here in Canada, and we don't get to take the entire season off. So between work, life, travel and cottage, I would rather spend the very limited amount of time I have on quality posts. The number of projects at home has certainly picked up during the warmer months. I also have a grand master plan to transform our cottage, so I will write more about that later. 

Remember this tired-looking pair of Louis XV chairs I picked up months ago? This was the before. 

This was the mockup done up in Photoshop. The leopard fabric choice was a very bold move for me (you know how much I like to play mainstream and safe), so I needed to make sure. 

And I was completely stunned by how gorgeous they turned out! Paint It Like New again did an awesome job painting these chairs in BM Cloud White. I am glad I went with the white frames because, coupled with the leopard fabric, they look softer and more feminine. Fabric via Discounted Designer Fabrics on Etsy. 

They are not in the living room to stay. 

What's better than one brass pineapple? Two of course! Just when I was about to give up on finding a perfect brass pineapple ice bucket at a reasonable price, I came across a Canadian (Ottawa) listing by TwoMoxie on Etsy. Price? Amazing. Condition? Mint. Service? Top notch! I couldn't be happier. Now I am one step closer to finish styling my bar cart. 

On our way back from cottage this Sunday, we made a stop at the HomeSense in Barrie, and picked up this huge gold dot wire bowl. Bungalow Classic was the first to carry it, and it was going for $365 before it was sold out. I must have spotted this very same bowl tens of times but never had the urge to buy it. And I am glad that I did this time. It was in a whitewashed shabby chic finish, so I took a little Rub N Buff action in gold leaf to glitz it up. 

It can be used as a candle holder or fruit bowl, but I think it looks impressive as is so I am not going to adorn it with anything else. 

I made General Tso's Chicken for the first time and I think it turned out great. Patience was the secret sauce. 

Lastly, a spot near our cottage at dusk. There was nothing to see according to Anthony. Exactly. 

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