Friday, July 18, 2014

Hollywood Regency Credenza

For months I've been in the market for a credenza to be used as a tv/media stand. After swinging between mid century modern and Regency styles, I opted for the latter with the hope that its glitz and glamour would draw the eyes away from the big black (and ugly) electronic box above. Hollywood Regency everything is such a hot commodity these days that they get sold within days on the market - so I didn't have much luck on the local classified sites, or maybe I wasn't on them often enough. 

I came very close to having this one custom made because it has almost everything I wanted: floating platform, Regency style, and over-the-top hardware. I also contemplated hacking this Ikea tv bench, but it was way too short and small for my living room. 

I am a true believer of best things happening when I least expect them. A blogger friend called me last week and showed me this incredible credenza! I immediately emailed the seller but they didn't respond. I thought it was probably long gone and the seller just didn't take down the ad. This was on my mind and it was killing me. A few nights ago just before I went to bed, I decided to email them again one last time. Lo and behold, seconds after I clicked the Sent button the seller replied! I called them the next day to arrange for viewing, and I ended up picking it up from the storage room of a sandwich shop!

So this is my Hollywood Regency Credenza with wood carving gold medallion knobs. It projects a weird olive green undertone under certain lighting, so I am still debating whether to have it painted in a different colour. White? Charcoal grey? I have enough whites and neutrals in my living room, so I am leaning towards leaving it alone or a darker shade. What would you do? 

This is the same credenza Celerie Kemble has in her living room. It was also for sale at Circawho, likely made by Lane circa 1960. 

I picked up this vintage hammered brass vase with rope and tassels at an antique store near our cottage. I am liking how it looks in the picture with the credenza in the backdrop. 

I also found this professionally framed original beach watercolour painting signed W.Hall. So far I still couldn't figure out who the artist was. Was it Walter, Wayne, or Whitney? Or could it be Arthur W. Hall? 

I think it will look great in the front entrance of our cottage, so that's where it's going to go. 

Have a great weekend you all! 

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