Tuesday, January 28, 2014

TV Gallery Wall and Credenza

I have this not so attractive wall in my living room which I've been trying to put off dealing with. I am not the most friendly person in the morning, so in order for my day to start right I absolutely need to have my morning tea and watch my morning news, alone. So as much as I want my living room to look picture perfect and magazine-worthy, I need the TV to stay. We purchased this TV from gazillion years ago when people were still happy with the chunky black boxes, so understandably it's dated by today's standards when LED/3D TVs are bigger, thinner, lighter and more colourful. That media console was from EQ3, again purchased from two houses ago. 

So enter my latest gig, #projecttvgallerywall (did I just use a hashtag?! You know I am like my grandma who doesn't Tweet or Instagram right?!), which involves prettying up the TV wall and replacing the TV and the media console. I am not sure yet if I want to mount the new TV on the wall because cutting huge holes in the wall makes me really nervous; plus I can be indecisive so what if I need to reshuffle the layout in the future? 

This is the overall aesthetics of my living room - I can't quite put a style on it, so let's just call it eclectic. One type of furniture I am yet to introduce into my house is the mid-century modern wood furniture, most specifically, those with crisp sweeping lines and sharp geometric shapes. I had always thought it would be difficult to pair them with furniture and decor of other styles. But lately I am really drawn to the warmth of the walnut or teak wood tone of mid-century mod. This is also a great way for me to embrace something new out of my comfort zone. 

So here are a few walnut/teak credenzas that caught my eye. I am going to need a much shorter one though because the TV wall is only 3/4. There is a decent selection on Etsy but unfortunately most of the listings are in the States so having a large piece of furniture shipped all the way across the border doesn't make much economic sense. 
Etsy SelectMidCentury 
Etsy SelectMidCentury

If this console was not as tall, it would've been my number one choice. 
Quartersawn Black Walnut Credenza

This would've been perfect if it was 15" shorter. 

West Elm has this Mid-Century Media Console that seems to be the right size and style, however, it doesn't have open shelves and I don't like the flare/angular legs. Is it really so hard to find a mid-century style walnut or teak media console in the right size, with middle open shelves, and straight square legs? You betcha! So my search continues. I need to curb the urge to explore custom furniture again - it's so much fun to go custom but it's not cheap. 

Now onto the TV gallery wall. Here are some of my inspirations. I will probably go for a less busier arrangement due to the size of my wall. 

Burlap and Lace Blog

One Kings Lane 

TidbitsTwine: love the black white gallery.

Sarah Richardson: clean, organized and a TV on a stand! 

So do you think a mid-century modern credenza will work as a media console in my living room, or is it too much of a style clash? Would you design a gallery wall around your TV to make your TV blend in? 

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