Saturday, January 18, 2014

Antique Shield Back Chair Transformation

If you like lots of pictures in a post, then this one is for you. A few months after my initial purchase, our kitchen dining chair upcycle is finally a wrap. I am pretty thrilled with the outcome. 

It started with these antique Lenoir shield-back dining chairs from Creighton House Antiques. I was debating whether to take up the task of spray painting these chairs myself. After all, I did pull off a few decent paint jobs before. These chairs are for our kitchen dining room which we use almost every day, so I need the paint job to live up to daily wear and tear. Having thought over that, I quickly came to the conclusion that I should leave the paint job to professionals, and I can't think of a better place to send them to than Paint It Like New! Paint It Like New sanded the chairs thoroughly, cleaned, rinsed then primed, sanded again, primed again, and finally finished with two coats of zero-VOC acrylic paint. Having our master bathroom vanity painted in oil-based lacquer which stank for a very long time, I totally appreciate the zero-VOC latex acrylic paint Paint It Like New uses. I have no doubt that these chairs will survive our use and abuse for years to come. You can read more about Paint It Like New's process here and here

My upholstery guy was very thoughtful to preserve this original Lenoir label for me in the new upholstery.

I am also pleased with my decision to go with Faux Ostrich vinyl fabric from Discounted Designer Fabrics (thank you Tim from Design Maze for the positive reinforcement).

This is the Shield Back. Paint It Like New does live up to their company name! 

With these vinyl chair cushions, I don't have to constantly worry that I might accidentally spill my food and make a mess. Instead they are designed to deal with daily messes - all I need to do is to wipe them clean! 

Compared to wrapped upholstery like this, seat cushion upholstery is less permanent and looks more casual - just what I want for an everyday dining nook. 

The Marlborough leg. 

The see-through shield back chairs make my kitchen dining room appear so much more spacious. 

Now I just need to find a new lighting fixture over the table. Maybe I should start buying lotteries so that I can afford one of these :).

Antique shield-back dining chairs: Creighton House Antiques in Jordan Ontario. 
Chair painting: Paint It Like New.
Paint: Benjamin Moore Cloud White. 
Ostrich fabric: Discounted Designer Fabrics
Upholstery: Donovan and Bev. 

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