Monday, January 13, 2014

Chair, Mirror and Pillow

Creative title I know. Back-to-work day today and it's obvious my artsy right brain is still playing catch-up.

Good news on the upcycled antique shield-back dining chairs - they are ready for pick up from Paint-it-Like-New! This is why I like this company so much: they sand the furniture thoroughly, clean, rinse then prime, sand again, prime again, and finally finish with two coats of paint. This process not only makes the furniture look new, it also keeps the finish more durable and resilient to scratch.

I am going to guess this is my chairs after primer. More on them later once I pick them up and send them for re-upholstery.

Now back to this super duper gorgeous antique reproduction mirror from Anne Quinn. I was going to lean it against the wall over the mantel before I realized the mirror is not tall enough (I wanted it to go all the way to the ceiling), plus installing anti-tipping brackets can be tricky. It is a top-heavy mirror so I really don't want to risk it tipping over one day. So we went with the old-fashioned way and securely hung it on the wall. Since it's majorly glamourous, the mirror pales other accessories around it into insignificance.

I think swaping out those vases with a pair of these obelisks, and throw a head bust sculpture or two into the mix might be the answer. What did I say about serial decorating eh?
In an effort to balance out the glorious gilt mirror, I picked up this fun black white Union Jack pillow as a way to introduce more dark colors into the room. Me likey!

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