Thursday, January 9, 2014

Solid Gold

I know I sound cheesy but ever since this antique reproduction Louis Philippe gilt mirror custom made by Anne Quinn Furniture arrived yesterday, I've had the Beyonce's Goldmember theme song in my head that went on and on like this "it's gold, it's gold, it's solid gold, baby...". And I know why - this beaut is hand-painted in pure gold leaf! 

You can read about how I designed this mirror and how Anne Quinn Furniture turned my vision into reality here and here. It started with my ideas in bits and pieces, to Anne Quinn Furniture's engineer team followed them to a t in this mind-blowing drawing, to this 100% hand-carved hand-crafted dreamy collectible piece! 

I had always imagined the header to be a separate piece that would be glued or mounted onto a typical Louis Philippe rounded-shoulder frame. But no, Christine's supplier hand carved the header and frame out of a single piece of wood! 

This is 100% handcrafted goodie! Completely blows my mind I tell ya, and I am getting harder and harder to impress! 

Header is an integral part of the frame. 

I am stunned by its beauty so say no more. 

I had wanted to use the mirror in my dining room but now I think it belongs in my living room. Over the next few days I will need to figure out how to hang this solid massive piece over the mantel. More pictures to follow. 

I am already all tingles and chills about the idea of getting another one custom made for my foyer. Something of this quality, style and grandeur is definitely going to last for generations to come. So thrilled! 

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