Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ostrich Syndrome

Sorry for the misleading title. No, my head is not in the sand. Rather, I have a very clear vision of what I want these kitchen dining chairs to look like - I've decided to go with a more avant-garde fabric choice - this faux ostrich leather upholstery fabric in pewter gray from Discounted Designer Fabrics. Completely out of character I know, but how about this for a new year resolution you say?

The color from this picture below is the closet to the real thing. It's a warm gray which I think will work perfectly with both my dark dining table and white shield-back chair frames.

Scott from Discounted Designer Fabrics mails out free fabric samples, so you can connect with him if any of the fabrics they carry catch your eye. Being a hard-core bargain hunter, I can tell you that their prices are very competitive, especially with the stress-free shopping experience and excellent customer service. Use FABRIC4ALL coupon code to save 5% of your order.

I am waiting for the shield-back chairs to come back from Paint It Like New just so I can turn them over to my upholster for re-upholstery in this luxurious ostrich fabric. Looks like I am off to a pretty good start home projects front.  

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