Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013 Roundup in Pictures

This holiday week has been incredibly fun and relaxing. Not only have we been able to host and attend a few parties and catch up with friends and family, we were also able to keep our annual TV show watchathon tradition. We don't have the time or patience to follow a TV show as it's aired, so what we typically do is to buy DVDs or Blue Rays when a series is over and watch all episodes in one shot. We also don't need to experience the disappointment of committing to a new show only to learn it's cancelled a few episodes in - that happened all the time. A couple months ago we finished "Breaking Bad", and we are now on its "Desperate Housewives"-version called "Weeds". Next week we are going to see the Guggenheim's "The Great Upheaval" collection at the AGO, and maybe pack some downtown shopping into the itinerary as well.

A week ago I did my 2013 recap in numbers, and this week is the picture version of my major décor projects this year.

Most of the 2013 projects were minor touch-up projects so it would appear that I was running out of things to change and improve at home. Or was I? The truth is that I am constantly looking for creative inspirations - I was born this way with endless curiosity and energy so rest assured things will continue to happen here at AM Dolce Vita.

Happy new year to your all! May 2014 bring you peace, joy and success!

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