Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Most Insincere Gift

My sinusitis acted up again and I was home sick pretty much all weekend. A few of my girlfriends wanted to cheer me up and decided to bring our weekend afternoon tea party to me. One of them is prego and started ranting about this most bizarre gift she got from her baby shower - a LCBO gift card! We laughed and joked the gift was actually thoughtful because she could really use it to help her through those soon-to-come sleepless nights. From there we started to toss around the most insincere gifts we had ever received, and eventually we narrowed down to a personal cheque (check), more specifically, a personal cheque hand delivered in person. Why you may ask? We could understand the need to put a personal cheque in the mail for safety reasons, but for someone that you see on a regular basis? Come on. First of all, couldn't you use the same amount to buy a more personalized gift card? Secondly, if giving out money is your thing, then at least try to put cash in a nice red envelope because the receiving end may be too embarrassed to cash your personal cheque. Worst yet, one of my girlfriends said she never cashed the cheques and the gifter never bothered to ask why?!

Anyhoo, for the whole afternoon we were just a bunch of mean girls having a great time and laughing our butt off.

Speaking of gifts, as usual I started earlier and shopped online as much as possible to avoid the mall crowd. This year my store of choice has to be the Hudson Bay. I was able to find everything I want to gift to everyone there! Here are some examples:
From top left clockwise:
  • CAROLEE Pearl Button Clip Earrings: I think my Mom or any mom would look sensational in a pair of these.
  • Chanel COCO MADEMOISELLE: this is for moi, my favourite Chanel perfume.
  • GLUCKSTEINHOME Sussex Napkin Set: perfect as a hostess gift.
  • MONIQUE LHUILLIER Waterford Arianne Old Fashioned: for serious scotch lovers.
  • Hudson Bay's Trapper Nutcracker: a collector piece.
  • SILVER OWL Clear Ribbon Ornament: so pretty and chic.
  • POLO RALPH LAUREN Nappa Leather Touch Gloves: touch sensitive capability keeps your hands warm while you are working on your mobile devices.
  • DIOR Eau Sauvage Eau De Toilette: hands down the most delicious men's perfume I've ever sniffed on. The woody undertone is so subtle that it doesn't have that powerful and overwhelming musky scent.
Just for the fun of it, what's the most insincere gift you had ever received?

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