Wednesday, December 25, 2013

2013 Holiday Dinner Table Setting

First of all, I hope my fellow Torontonians were safe and warm throughout the ice storm. I have been following all the news and pictures closely and some of the scenes were just horrific. It felt like "The Day After Tomorrow" was already here. We were lucky that except for a few hours power outage and everything around our house frozen in 5cm of ice, our life wasn't affected all that much by this disaster. It was so heartwarming to have friends and family constantly check in on us to make sure we were safe. Some with power offered their warm house to us (e.g. my boss), and we in turn did the same for our friends and family - this is the holiday spirit at its best with so much sharing, caring and love.

We also managed to stick to the plan and host the Christmas eve dinner. I went with a simple, clean and elegant gold-silver traditional table setting.

I am not a big fan of extravagant centerpieces, so I clustered a few battery-powered flameless candle blocks to add a touch of warm ambience.

This is our dining room on Christmas eve 2013.

Happy holidays!

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