Friday, December 20, 2013

2013 Roundup in Numbers

Sorry for the lack of blog actions lately. Who knew December would turn out to be such a busy month at work? As holidays are literally just around the corner, I thought it would be fun for me to do a quick rewind of my 2013 in numbers. Let's take the plunge, shall we?

  • Number of cities travelled for leisure: 8 (Barcelona, Napoli, Pisa, Firenze, Rome, Marseille, Palma Majorca, and New York).
  • Number of countries visited for leisure: 4 (Spain, Italy, France and US).
  • Number of new TV series watched: 4 (Breaking Bad, Weeds, Suits, and the Blacklist).
  • Number of new movies watched: at least 30.
  • Number of major house reno projects: 0.
  • Number of major decorating project: 2 (dining room and foyer painted staircase).
  • Number of reno projects planned but yet to be carried out: 2 (basement office game room, 2nd floor guest bedroom).
  • Number of pieces of custom furniture ordered: 2 (dining room hutch buffet, French Louis Pillippe gilt mirror).
  • Number of upcycle projects: 3 (kitchen dining room shield-back chairs, rocker, and pair of Bergère chairs).
  • Number of DIY project: 1 (abstract bw art in the foyer)
  • Number of vintage artworks collected: 3 (Sydney Berne, William Carson and Wilh Neumayer).
  • Number of antique bone chair teacup sets collected: 8.
  • Cost of bone china dinnerware displayed in the dining room hutch >= Cost of the custom dining room hutch buffet.
  • Number of new glass ornaments purchased for 2013 Christmas tree: 45.
  • Number of courses for our Christmas eve dinner: 9.
  • Number of sugar cookies baked and decorated: 0 - and I'd better get started on this right now.

More picture recaps will come in the next week or two. My best wishes to you and your family for a very happy holiday, and a happy new year filled with peace, joy and success!

I will leave you with a few cute ornament additions this year.

Looks like someone is having a bad hair day? :)

Glitter feather ornament from Indigo.

Sparrow glass bird ornament from Gluckstein Home via Hudson's Bay.

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