Monday, December 9, 2013

2013 Christmas Tree and Bar Nook

I was home sick pretty much all weekend. Aside from a quick tea party with my girlfriends, for once I had no where to go so I finally got around to finishing the Christmas tree. I removed the tinsel garlands and I am glad I did - now I can see a clean silhouette of the tree better.

As usual I uploaded my blog photos to Picasa, and as I was bringing the pictures into the post I noticed this: can you see the twinkling effect below?

So magical! This is the "Auto Awesome" effect courtesy of's not Auto Awesome, it's Totally Awesome!

This year all the ornaments on my tree are made of glass/mercury glass (except for the bead garlands), and I must have loaded that tree with a hundred of them.
Can you spot the little birdie in the picture below? I can't tell you how much I love the white weather glass ornaments from Gluckstein Home. I purchased most of the new ornaments (mushroom, feather, bird, balls) from Hudson's Bay; the finial ornaments from Sears; the giant acorns from HomeSense; and the pinecones from Indigo.

I was also able to fill the Gluckstein's brass Greek Key tray with a little bar action in my dining room. I've decided to let go the idea of having a brass bar cart, and reused the Bombay mirrored chest that's already in my dining room.

The crystal decanters are from HomeSense - now is the best time to look for serving pieces like this.

I will be traveling for work for the rest of the week so I am going to sign off and pour myself a glass of JD Honey with Limonada. Ciao bella!

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