Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Louis XV Chair Upholstery Fabric Choices

It's been months since I picked up these French Louis XV chairs and I am still debating which upholstery fabric to use. It almost felt like last time I looked at the calendar it was only March, and now it's already mid May - shocking how fast time flies! 

Last week I finally got around to ordering these fabric samples I managed to narrow down to: the top three cotton velvets (in cement, indigo and pewter) are from Tonic Living; the five velvet swatches below are from Discounted Designer Fabrics. Can you tell I really have a thing for velvet fabrics these days? 

I love the touch and feel of the super soft cotton velvet, but not so much the colour choices - "cement" is too cool of a grey with green undertone, "pewter" is too taupe, but I love "indigo". I love this navy shade of blue by itself. It only concerns me a little that it might be hard to work such a strong shade of colour into a room setting. 

The colours of the textured velvets work for me, but I am not so sure about the texture. How embarrassing would it be to leave behind butt prints when you get up from the chair? 

And then there is the animal print fever. I couldn't take my eyes of these two leopard velvets - the print on the left is powerful, fun and sophisticated at the same time; the one on the right is elegant and a more subtle way to use animal print. I love them both, but which one? 

To give you an idea, this is what the chair would look like in leopard velvet upholstery. 

Cowhide print is the one Anthony picked out - he is a big fan of black and white. 

So which one is your favourite? Solid cotton velvet, solid textured velvet, or animal print velvet for a pair of Louis XV chairs? Is animal print a passing fancy? 

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