Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day Afternoon Tea 2014

I was locked out of my mobile phone for the majority of the weekend because of a stupid password glitch. Tech support at work obviously took the weekend off because my requests to reset the password seemed to have gone into a black hole. What's with the 24x7 service level agreement man? I was so agitated without the ability to check emails and messages - smart phone is a wireless device yet with the longest leash on people I tell ya! After suffering withdrawal symptoms in the first few hours, I slowly and painfully learnt to live without it and accepted the fact that it probably wouldn't be unlocked until Monday. Once over the hump, I actually felt pretty good without it because I could then give my mom my undivided attention this Mother's Day weekend. 

We picked up half a dozen cupcakes from our favourite cupcake place Short & Sweet Cupcakes, and had a relaxing and uninterrupted afternoon tea together. All Mama wanted this Mother's Day was for me to spend time with her and not constantly do things. Wish fulfilled! 

Salted caramel was my aunt M's favourite - we missed her dearly this Mother's Day. 

The Royal Chelsea tea set was my 26th birthday gift from Mama. Over the years I've got a lot of good use out of it mostly for hosting afternoon tea with my girlfriends. Mama was pleased to see me adoring her present so much after so many years. 

The colourful dessert plates are from Maxwell & Williams' Cashmere Enchante collection. 

Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend! 

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