Monday, May 19, 2014

New Vintage Art III

This one is not quite vintage but it does have the flair - the Ikea Bild Fjallsta picture in a Ribba frame with extra wide mat. The crisp black and white complements a neutral and contemporary bathroom I have in my basement

I think the scale of the framed print works a lot better than this tiny one on the same wall before. 

If you remember I have this large Sydney Berne painting in my dining room.

I found two more original oil paintings by the same artist of the same Mont Tremblant theme. Notice the same red roof chalet? It's the same scene from a different perspective - how cool is that? I am however not too keen on the taupe-coloured wood frames so have been debating whether to change them up for antiqued gold ones. 

Something like these? 

For now they are on the wall at the end of my basement staircase - it's the first thing you see walking down the stairs. 

I am still not liking the frames there. What do you think? 

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