Wednesday, May 28, 2014

New Kitchen Art and My Spring Garden

This stretch of gorgeous weather has done wonders to my mood. It ignites my creative spirit, and I am all geared up to tackle a list of small projects I've been putting off since winter. 

The first up is to add art and counter-worthy accessories to the kitchen. I can't think of a better way to complement this framed Alanna Cavanagh tea towel than to have a framed print by the same artist - thank you Alanna for this cheerful "Greek Jug" screen print. I lean the frame against the backsplash for a more relaxed and informal look. The whitewashed wood frame is from HomeSense.

So is this vintage-inspired tin cookie canister. I searched all the HS stores I've been to for a second one but to no avail. 

May is also the month when I start to spend more time outdoors in my jardin de fleurs. I am an avid gardener, and seeing plants blooming gives me a sense of accomplishment. This year most of my flowering shrubs start blooming a couple of weeks later due to the harsher winter we had. But they are worth the wait - they are blooming bigger and more vibrant flowers due to the abundant moisture in the soil. This white-rimmed "Sensation" French Lilac shrub gives fuller and more fragrant flowers since last week (May 23). 

This Tulip Angelique is a new addition this spring. I planted the bulbs last fall. They are among the last tulips to bloom, starting out in white. 

In a couple of weeks as they mature, they turn into a soft shade of pink

Then eventually into this hot pink peony-like flowers when they reach peak. 

It's so amazing to be able to capture these moments on camera. I've worked hard to slowly transform my garden into a low-maintenance yet highly productive one with non-stop flowers from April to September. My goal has always been to spend the least amount of time working while getting the best results. So tell me, do you like gardening? Any tips and tricks you can share to create a beautiful and low-maintenance garden? 

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