Friday, August 8, 2014

Dream House Take One

Ok folks, this is it! We are moving! It's at least a few years out, but we have secured a piece of land in our desired neighborhood, and we are in the process interviewing builders to have this thing built! 

Within days the first builder we met gave us this rendering based on what I had described to them. It didn't have all my "wish list" and I suspect they probably pulled it out of their stock files but it comes very close. I would definitely lose the beige bricks. 

I would also change the portico to a new colonial style like this:

Or this.

Now on to the interiors. This plan delivers most on my wish list including a library/office on the ground floor. I am not too keen on kitchen island facing the great room, and would almost want to rotate the entire kitchen counterclockwise by 90 degree. 

A 5th bedroom on the second floor is a must for the new house, and this plan delivers it. I also really like almost every bedroom (except for 2 and 3 sharing one) has its own ensuite bathroom. And the layout of the master bathroom can't get any dreamier! 

Now onto Option 2. I like the kitchen island facing the patio but really dislike the 45-degree wall (it's bad feng shui so I heard). This layout is not the most effective way of using the kitchen space with less pantry and without a workstation desk. I am also not sure if I want to break up living room and dining room, and tuck a home office in between. The foyer looks really grand though. 

I know this plan is out as soon as I see only 4 bedrooms on the second floor. That tiny library is just not going to cut it. 

Anthony walked into my office this morning with this. We will be celebrating our wedding anniversary this weekend. 

Have a great weekend everyone! 

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