Sunday, August 24, 2014

Dream House: Windows and Doors

Project dream house continues here at AM Dolce Vita as we are working through different plans of our exteriors. Windows and doors may not sound so exciting when it comes to the design world, but you would be surprised to find out how big of a role they play in the overall aesthetic of a house. And the selections of them are unlimited: what style (casement, Georgian or sliding)? which colour (black to stand out, or beige to blend in)? and where? Vevo is a resourceful website to help me navigate a sea of choices. 

At this time I have pretty much decided that we want the windows and doors, and especially the windows to stand out, so dark colour it is. Take a look at these dreamy dark window frames and doors. 

The dark roof, windows and doors gives this white Victorian a cohesive look with a perfect balance of modern and vintage styles. It's clean, crisp and sophisticated. You can't go wrong with black and white. 

Charcoal-coloured window frames also work harmoniously with stone and grey exteriors in this Princess Margaret Lottery show home. 

Red brick and sandy tone stone lends warmth to the exterior of yet another PMH show home built by Greenpark, while dark windows and doors add a modern touch to a more classic home. 

Now this is my type of front door, although we would probably still go for a double door for practicality reasons. 

And how about a wall-to-wall glass patio door with frames painted in ebony? 

There is no other way to fall asleep these days than constantly planning the dream house in my head, but it is also the best way to fall asleep, no? :)

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