Friday, August 1, 2014

One Pillow Three Ways

I am still not over animal prints yet. After this recent makeover, I wanted to do more. Pillow is a natural choice: they are an inexpensive way so you can experiment without feeling the pinch; they are not permanent so when you are over the trend all you need to do is to swap them out; they are versatile and can practically go into any room in your house. 

I really liked the Les Touches but I wasn't ready to fork out $100 (which seems to be the going rate) for a pillow which I wasn't even sure was going to work for my house. So I went with a close alternative - the black white Dalmatian Spots by ElemenOPillows on Etsy. I was pleasantly surprised by how affordable ElemenOPillows made them pillows to be. When you find a certain fabric you like, run a price from low to high search on Etsy, and ElemenOPillows always comes up on top. They didn't compromise on the quality either. Rather, their pillows are nicely made and have fabrics on both sides! 

So this is the Dalmation Spots pillow on the settee in my foyer. 

I moved the Mark Tabbener's sketch from the master bedroom into this foyer nook after a comment about it looking lonely in a large space (and I agreed). I have something else in mind for that wall so more on that later. 

The same pillow also works in my living room. 

And bedroom as well! Black and white pillows are so versatile! 

I added this stunning blue flower to my garden this year. Stoke's Aster "Blue Danube" is an easy-to-care-for perennial which gives non-stop flowers into the late fall. I have neighbours come up to ask me what they are and where to get them. I bought mine from Terra Greenhouses

Dipladenia is another high performer that's easy to grow. Although in zone 3-5 they tend to become annuals. 

Limelight Hydrangea has finally started to bloom, almost a month late this year. I cut off some small odd branches and they became a nice little bouquet. A touch of seasonal colours is what my front entrance needs. 

Enjoy the long weekend! 

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