Friday, November 14, 2014

Calgary in the Fall

In late October Anthony and I took a short break from our crazy work schedule, and hopped on a plane to Calgary to celebrate our goddaughter Olivia's birthday. Olivia's mother Jessie and I are best friends from school. Although we are at the opposite side of the country now, we had always tried to find ways to see each other. 

The iconic Calgary Peace Bridge from Eau Claire Park. 

Critics were right that apart from the colour red, the Peace Bridge almost looks identical to the Hans Wilsdorf Bridge in Geneva

I have been to Calgary and Banff area multiple times but never in the fall before. The temperature was mild, but it was as dry as a bone. So if you are visiting Calgary in the late fall, make sure you load up anti-frizz hair products and skin moisturizers. 

This is the beautiful Weaselhead Wetlands from North Glenmore Park. 

Apart from the birthday parties, we did a lot of amazing things together including spending an afternoon at an equestrian trail to watch Olivia's show jumping practice. 

I wish I had taken a better picture of magpie, which can be seen everywhere in Calgary. 

Jessie also booked a private art glass class for us with a local stained glass artist Janice. 

Olivia made this trinket plate for me. 

She and I made this pink tray together. 

And Jessie and I (well, mostly Jessie) created this artsy starburst Christmas ornament! It's the jump-off point for my Christmas tree this year. 

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas, no?

Speaking of glass, I finally tracked down a Murano glass chandelier I wanted for the dining area in our kitchen. It's enroute to me, and I am beyond excited. 
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On the home project front, I came across this cute little 2500 sqft house in a well established hood, and I am seriously thinking of buying it as a rental property. It's a custom built brand new house, so we can rent it out as is and don't have to do a thing. If it was bigger I would've wanted it for ourselves. So tempting! 

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