Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Vintage Murano Chandeliers

I couldn't believe my luck! Over the past few weeks I scored not just one, but two vintage Murano glass chandeliers. The first one is this glass prism pyramid brass chandelier - there are 88 pieces of solid glass prisms on it. Lucite would've been fine but real glass is even better! I don't know if it's a real Camer, but an identical one with two more tiers of prisms is going for $5,800 on 1stdibs

The second one is this Murano glass chandelier coming all the way from near the border. There were headaches and heartburns involved getting this light, but it is now in the house. A bigger one is going for $8,500 on 1stdibs, and a petite one $1,250. Score! 

We are going back to Italy next year, and Murano is one of stops so I am definitely going to load up tons of these goodies and drag them all home. 

I took advantage of a 20% sale at Hudson's Bay and ordered this 3-tier Architecture Dessert Stand by Gluckstein. Remember I also have the plates in the same patterns. It's perfect for holiday entertaining.

I love, love the clean design. Cupcakes are from my favourite bakery Short & Sweet

The week is half over. If you are in the snow-covered areas, stay warm and drive safe! 

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