Thursday, January 8, 2015

Basement Hallway

Before I talk about the hallway, I wanted to share with you this new Alex Colville "To Prince Edward Island" print I purchased at the recent AGO exhibition. I think I found a perfect spot for it in our basement media room. 

Note to myself, change that light bulb!

This is what our Ikea Billy built-in looks like today. 

Compared to from Jan 2013, I would say I've been accessorizing it pretty good, no?

Now onto the hallway. We have this really long and narrow hallway in our basement. Well, it's not super narrow so I do have some nice square footage to work with. Right now it's completely underutilized. It's not like we are going to sit down and have a conversation there or anything, so the chest flanked by two chair setup looks good, but useless. 

From the other perspective. 

The hallway leads to the staircase. I have an area of just under 8 feet x 18 feet to work with. 

So I am thinking of installing a row of floating shelf units similar to this at MadebyGirl. I can use them for additional storage - who can have too much storage space in their house, right?

Or this by Sarah Blakely at 219. 

I wanted to turn the entire wall above the storage unit into a gallery wall. What do you think? Is it too strange to have such a long row of floating cabinets in the hallway? Do you have any other suggestions on how to make use of a long hallway like this? 

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