Friday, January 16, 2015

Fauxdenza - Picking the Wood Top

First of all, are you all traumatized by the news about Target pulling out of Canada? But can you say you were shocked? I wasn't. I could think of so many reasons why Target didn't prevail in Canada. This is a textbook example that a strong brand name could only take a company so far with poor execution. I am sad to see them go but anybody with retail 101 would probably know this was imminent. 

Nough said. Now onto some happier thoughts. Project fauxdenza has officially started. For the wood top, I would need a long piece of wood that's 110" x 14" in size. Not many mills carry that long piece of a lumber, so after many calls, I finally found it at Century Mill Lumber

They offer many hardwood options, including live edge table tops like this. 

For furniture-grade lumber, there aren't that many options when it comes to the length I need. I was given Mahogany or American Black Walnut. I opted for the Black Walnut because I wasn't too keen on the Mahogany's red undertones. 

The shopping experience at Century Mill Lumber was great: staff was friendly, knowledgeable and efficient - I was in and out with everything teed up within 30 minutes. They will need to cut, sand and clean it so it won't be ready for another week or two. Who knew picking a piece of lumber could be so much fun? Along the way I learnt the different grades of walnut - the more heartwood the better; and how one should dye and not stain the sapwood to achieve a more consistent color. 

Now onto the stain. I am torn between Dark Walnut and clear coat.

I think this is what clear-coated walnut would look like. What do you think? Dark Walnut stain or clear coat?

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