Thursday, January 29, 2015

Style A Marble Tulip Side Table

This year I am making an effort to only invest in decor pieces with styles that would stand the test of time. Granted, it's fun and exciting to always introduce something on-trend and of the moment. That makes my design current and relevant. But I found that I ended up parting with the trendy stuff shortly after when I grew tired of seeing them in my house. 

When it comes to timeless pieces, shape and form really matters; in my opinion, the simpler and cleaner, the better. I've been in love with this Eero Saarinen tulip side table with marble top for the longest time, and finally decided to splurged for it. It has a 20 inch-diameter tabletop which is a very practical size for a side table. The marble top together with the cast-aluminum base weighs a ton so watch your back as you lift it. The top is a very elegant piece of White Arabesque marble with fainted veins. Here are a few styling options I was playing with. 

Option 1: a book (or a stack of books), a black striped box (from Indigo Chapters), and some flower arrangement. 

Option 2: Han Solo - one singular sculptural object, like this vintage Fenton bowl, details see below. 

Option 3: a black striped box, a brass object (Nate Berkus Feather Box from Target), and flowers. 

I think I have a winner! Love this vignette, don't you? 

Now onto the pink Fenton bowl. I first spotted the bowl here, was immediately obsessed with it, wanted it, needed it. 

It took me a while, but I finally tracked down one that looks similar at MariasFarmhouse on Etsy - the 1940's Fenton double crimped ruffled bowl in this most romantic shade of pale pink.

I actually ended up ordering two bowls because I didn't get it right the first time. The first one was a tad too small with a 7" diameter which disappeared into my living room. I am now using the smaller one as a catch-all bowl in my foyer. 

The Target shutdown news really sent me shopping. I totally went to town on those bloggers' favorites such as this tufted bench with brass legs.

And this Nate Berkus round side table from the 2015 Spring collection. Having second thoughts about the peach-colored tabletop, so I am thinking of sending it back. Any takers? It was sold out at a couple of Target stores I've been to. 

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