Monday, February 2, 2015

How to Get the Best Deal on Removal Services

Although we are still knee deep in snow today, anxious house hunters have already given Spring real estate market a head start. With the buying and selling of properties comes with moving. Today I would like to welcome a contribution from Cherry, a writer from Media Buzzer, to show us the ins and outs of moving services. 
Image by Westley Collins from Flickr Creative Commons

Everyone has heard a removal company horror story or two; priceless assets damaged, walls and stairwells shredded up by dollys and work boots, or worse – items never arrive to their intended destination.

It's always a nagging thought in the back of one's mind as they peruse the internet in search of the right removals company; one that is trustworthy, reliable, and careful.

We all know what we want in a removals company, but few can translate their needs into the right questions and considerations when they pick up the phone. If this sounds familiar, then keep reading.


You want your removals company to be on time, properly equipped to handle the task at hand, and to be responsible with your possessions.

Now here's what that looks like on the phone when speaking with a potential removals service, or browsing their website.


Do you have an office or depot I can pay a visit to?

Although this requires a little effort, it's a real fast way of figuring out which company is for you. You can observe how they work and in what working conditions, the size of their fleet and the sort of equipment they employ, and get a rough idea of what their staff are like.

Well dressed competent employees that can properly estimate your removal and feel reassuring to speak with are often a great indicator for smooth reliable service.

Do you have insurance?

Of course they do, but for how much? Will it cover the estimated value of all of your possessions and the risks they face during transport?

Are you in the BAR?

The British Association of Removers (BAR) is an organisation much like the Better Business Bureau for removers in the UK. They have membership requirements which include:
  • Every truck is insured, licensed, and registered
  • Deposit protection
  • Arbitration and/or free conciliation in the event anything is amiss

Do we have a contract?

A clear and concise contract with plain English details, working agreement, and contact information should be present. This way you know what you're getting, what's covered, and what you're paying all in from the start.

What services are included?

Yes, while you may be quite aware the company is coming to move your home, you may not have hired them to pack your possessions –you may only be covered for having them move items. That's all.

Be sure to see what is included with your agreement; are packing supplies included within the cost, how many staff will be used on moving day, if items are stored overnight what is the security like, are there any extra costs such as gas or storage?


Now that you know what you expect and how to ask the right questions to find the company you're looking for, it's time to consider what factors affect the pricing of the leading nationwide removals companies in the UK.

How much stuff are you moving?

The higher the volume and/or weight of good shipped could translate into more staff and more rented vehicles.

When are you moving?

Weekend moves are the most common, and removal companies like to cluster home moves into weekends to ensure their staff are busy all week long.

However, mid-week moves are usually much more affordable.

High value antiquities?

You might need a specialist to help you move that grand piano or dinosaur bone exhibit. Don't leave high value items to run-of-the-mill movers – hire a specialist.


Tipping your crew isn't mandatory, but being a hospitable client is a must. Sometimes all it takes is one hungry worker to drop one box marked fragile...

Keep it simple; have beverages like water, juice, coffee or tea at hand, and some high calorie snacks to keep people moving. Yes, you're being nice – but you're also looking out for yourself.
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