Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Project Fauxdenza Complete...Almost

This past weekend we finally got around to installing the fauxdenza. It was a pretty straightforward Ikea hack using Akurum cabinet frames and Applad doors. So here are a few work-in-progress pictures. 

Why a work-in-progress you may ask? Can you see the walnut top sticking out way too much over the cabinet? Ikea's web site says Akurum cabinet is 12 7/8" in depth; the thickness of the Applad door is 5/8". When I added them up I got 13.5" which led me to order the 14-inch wide wood top. Big mistake! It turned out that the total depth of the cabinet frame and door only added up to just under 13" or 12 7/8", so now I have over 1" overhang which spoiled the whole clean and modern look I was going for. So we are going to have to find a way to cut that extra 3/4 of an inch. I briefly finished the top with a water-based clear coat, but I am second guessing that decision now so back to the drawing board between dark and clear stains. I am leaning towards dark walnut which will likely look sharper with a long and massive white floating cabinet unit. Thoughts? 

I was all excited about styling it but I guess that has to wait until we fix the top. Patience is a virtue. Btw, it would appear Ikea has removed Akurum and Applad series from their web site to make room for the new Sektion series. Looks like I caught the last train. 

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