Monday, February 16, 2015

Chanel and Phalaenopsis Orchid

First of all, I am finally on Instagram! Exciting right? Believe it or not, this was a huge step for me. I've been trying to hold off jumping on this bandwagon for as long as I could out of concern that I was going to get hooked and social media was going to take over my life (just kidding). I recently tried it by following a few of my favourite bloggers, loved it and mostly the quality of the images, so I've decided it's time for me to be part of the fun too. You can follow me here

Trust you all had a fantastic Valentine's Day long weekend. For us it was pretty much like any other weekend of our life, which I love and cherish. Saturday morning I woke to this super pretty pink Phalaenopsis orchid plant - after 14 years, hubs finally decided to give a non-rose floral a try, and I am glad he did! 

My camera couldn't do its beauty justice. It makes me want to add an orchid plant in every single room of my house. 

My Chanel Set of 3 coffee table book finally arrived. It contains high quality images of Chanel's three key lines of businesses: fashion, jewellery and perfume. 

A Valentine's Day isn't complete without sweets. We are recently hooked on Purdy's truffle line. Anthony's favourite is Himalayan Pink Salt Peanut Butter; and mine White Silk. 

When it's -40 Celsius (-40 F) outside, what better way to combat the cold than hot steamy Mediterranean sea salt bath and a glass of antioxidant-packed raw juice by Belmonte?

Do you use bread maker at home? We love/need our starch but I am always concerned about not knowing what goes into the store-bought loaves. And we are picky about the taste too: too salty, too dry, too sweet, too crunchy, and the list goes on. I received this Breville bread maker as a Christmas gift, and have since loved it to death! Not only does it allow us to control what goes into our bread and adjust the ingredients to our taste, it makes a perfect soft loaf of bread every single time. I used to have my reservations about a bread maker - did I really need to show the world I was so lazy that I couldn't hand knead my dough or oven-bake my bread? Not really. But what I don't have is the time every week to make my own fresh bread. Bread maker is really the way to go for busy professionals, and from my personal experience, you wouldn't need to compromise between taste and convenience. 

We recently came across this Cucina & Amore's Arrabbiata pasta sauce and it was one of the best readymade pasta sauces we've ever had. It goes perfectly with spicy Italian sausage. Pemberton makes pretty good Arrabbiata sauce as well except that it's not largely available in Canada. 

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