Saturday, February 7, 2015

Stylish Black White Coffee Table Books

Lately I like to incorporate black and white into my design so I have grouped a few of my favorite coffee table books with a monochromatic book cover to share with you. You can pair them with practically any color palette you are going for, and the best news is that each of them is under $100 so they are also pocket-friendly.  

Coco Chanel saw the absolute beauty and perfect harmony in the absence of colors. Therefore, when it comes to black and white, CC is your queen. You are going to find most of the books about her have a black and white cover. 

I recently picked up a discontinued version of the Chanel by Jean Leymarie which talks about the influence of Chanel's fashion and art history. 

And this Fashion: 150 Years of Couturiers, Designers, Labels which seems to an all-time favorite in the Blogosphere. 

I also have the Chanel Set of 3: Fashion, Jewellery, Perfume on order to grow my Chanel book collection. This is my Spring coffee table refreshed with a somewhat monochromatic theme. 

I think I need to get myself something more glamorous like one of these. 

Winterlicious 2015 is in full swing here in T Dot and last week we went to a couple of our favourites, including Auberge du Pommier. Still can't believe a restaurant like this would be part of the program but I am not complaining. 

The boudin blanc was perfectly done, tender, juicy and savory, a must try! They offered wine pairing with each course for an additional $20, and I would recommend not to pass up the deal. 

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