Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Coffee Table Makeover

Hope you are enjoying the sunny and warm spring-like weather here in T Dot. Yours truly didn't have such a great week so far - I came down with this stomach flu that took a downward spiral. To make it even worse, the constant vomiting led to dehydration which led to electrolyte imbalance which progressed to a head splitting migraine. This came as such a heavy sucker punch that it completely threw me off my game. I couldn't recall when I was last this sick. I felt slightly better later this afternoon, I think, so hopefully the gastroenteritis will slowly go away. 

Onto some positive news. After merely two days on the market, we leased out this Queen West condo on a multi-year term. We received three offers, and to my great surprise, there was even a bidding war, so we ended up getting more than what we asked for with an immediate start date. We were so fortunate that we got to pick and choose our prospective tenants. 

Now onto the coffee table makeover. I've been thinking of replacing this box frame coffee table in my living room, the once popular Urban Barn Lumex coffee table. Then I finally realized that it was the rustic tabletop with prominent wood grains that I didn't like. Well not that I didn't like it, it just didn't work as well for a more refined style I am going for in my living room. The tabletop is also a major distraction from all the pretty stuff on it. I do still like the clean-lined box frame very much. 

Instead of forking out a few thou to buy a brand new one like one of these, I thought I would give it a facelift and see how it turned out. So I replaced the wood tabletop with a white lacquered tabletop. 

It acts as a blank canvas for me to adorn it with all the pretty coffee table books and accessories. 

I am not feeling the shade of white from the tabletop - I find it too cold and stark for the space. Maybe I should gild the box frame? What do you think?

Lastly, after almost half a year's search online and in consignment stores, I finally found the male companion of this modernist bronze sculpture - they are reunited as a pair at last! Do you love this vignette? I don't know which I love more, the pair of brass lucite candlesticks or the sculpture? 

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