Sunday, March 1, 2015

Orchids Are The Best

Welcome to March! I hope this means spring is not too far away, although the snow on the ground says otherwise. 

Orchids are my best friends these days and they are now my favourite houseplants. They are long-blooming - each bloom spike can look fresh and fabulous for four months or more. The blooms of Phalaenopsis alone appear in tens of different shades. They are relatively easy to grow, IMO: expose them to ample but indirect sunlight, water once every 7-10 days, fertilize, and spray this mist on leaves and growing medium (e.g. moss or bark) once a week, and they will reward you with the most mesmerizing flowers, for a long time. Remember I wanted to add this plant to every single room of my house, well, I am now onto my third Phalaenopsis plant, and I want more! 

This one is in the living room, a very classic and elegant Phalaenopsis with white petals and fuchsia core. 

This one is in the kitchen dining room, pretty similar to the one above except for the subtle pink veins throughout the petals. 

This one with double spikes is in the foyer.

I also started some flower seeds inside the house: Snow-in-Summer, Blue Catmint, and Yellow Loosestrife are my picks this year. 

Do you grow orchids indoors? What is your favourite houseplant?

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