Monday, November 9, 2015

Vintage Murano Chandelier Part III

I am sure you still remember my two previous scores of these fabulous Murano chandeliers here. Just when I thought there's nothing else that could've possibly topped that luck, I came across this genuine Novaresi Murano effervescent glass leaf chandelier on a local classified again! The seller said the chandelier came with the house where they've lived for the past ten years. They are renovating their dining room so they wanted to sell it. Their loss, my gain! The identical one is on 1stdibs and Rubylane for over $5000! Of course I didn't pay anywhere near that amount. The best part was that we picked it up the same day the listing went up which just so happened to be my birthday as well - one of my best birthday presents ever! 

The picture below was from the listing. For a light from the 1960s, surprisingly it was kept in a very clean and mint condition. 

I still gave each glass leaf a quick rinse in soapwater and air dried them on my dishwasher rack. When was the last time you saw someone using dishwasher to dry $5000 worth of Murano glasses? Well, thatsa me! 

There are in total 35 pieces of these sparkly effervescent glass leaves. They are so thick and heavy that I could barely hold on to it with one hand. 

I don't know what the technique is called but one side of the glass is covered by thousands of tiny glass beads to create this seeded glass/sparkling effect. The same technique was used in this impressive three-tiered chandelier I saw in Murano this past June. 

As usual, I haven't figured out where in the house to hang it yet. For the score of a lifetime like this, anyone would want to do what I did to snatch it up first and decide what to do with it later. I did a quick mockup for our living room - it may work but I am a bit concerned that it's too small for the room. Perhaps I will add a ceiling medallion to give it more presence. What do you think?

If you are interested in vintage Murano glass chandeliers, you should spend some time on 1stdibs. I did most of my research there. For example, this one below I scored last year was likely made by Venini for Camer. Camer was known for its Murano glass imports in the 1950s. If you come across trièdre bar prisms that have been cut at an angle, and they are hung in a dramatic descending form giving it a cascading effect and overall circular design, chances are you've found a Camer chandelier. 

It took me a while but I finally figured out this one I have in my kitchen dining area was made by Vistosi in Murano. 

So those are my three vintage Murano glass chandeliers so far, and I am sure I am not done. Just couldn't resist the old charm. 

Now onto the Christmas decor. Anthony took me shopping during my birthday weekend (the best kind of shopping because he paid for them all :)). CB2 was one of my stops. I find that I am really digging this store lately. Everything is modern, posh and unique. I especially like their dishes and serving pieces. This set of glass paz trees came home with me. The rose gold/copper tone is nice change from its typical gold cousin. 

Put a bow on my beau. :)

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