Tuesday, March 15, 2016

3 Small Home Modifications That Could Make All the Difference this Summer

While it may still be cold outside, we are beginning to transition into spring and it won’t be long before keeping the house warm becomes a problem of the past, and staying cool becomes an issue. This is something we tend to be quite bad at planning for, with most people not even having ceiling fans let alone air conditioning at home, however when the temperatures rise our hot days can compete with those in countries where these cooling measures are considered essentials! The spring is a good time to start planning any changes you want to make to your home to make it more comfortable in the peak of summer, and here are three affordable ways you can get your home set up for a cool, pleasant July and August:

A Swamp Cooler

Air conditioning may be an expensive modification you may not deem worthwhile when our summers tend to be short and unpredictable, however a swamp cooler can be a much cheaper alternative that will make your home feel much cooler on the days when the temperature does soar. If you are unfamiliar with the concept, a swamp cooler blows air over water and cools the room as the water evaporates. There are various ways of improvising your own swamp cooler, but buying a swamp cooler unit can cost no more than buying a good fan or dehumidifier, and this could be a purchase you’ll be glad you made in a matter of weeks from now.

Electric Window Controls

If you have windows or skylights you tend to open in summer to let fresh air in to cool your home, then it can be a great idea to fit electric openers to them so you can open and close them by remote control. This is an especially good thing to use on hard to reach skylights, or if you have elderly people in your home who may struggle to open windows or close them to make themselves more comfortable. tealproducts.com has a selection of window operators that can be used on just about any type of window, and this can be an affordable home mod that will serve you well in the summer.

Magnetic Insect Meshes

Opening windows and doors can be the easiest way to let air flow through your home and make it less hot and stuffy in summer, and many people tend to basically live with all their windows and things like French windows open during the warmer season. However, this brings with it a new problem as flies, mosquitoes, and the dreaded wasps are able to easily find their way indoors. Fitting insect meshes over windows is a good start, but you can also buy meshes that snap closed with magnets for your patio doors or French windows. These allow you and your kids and pets to come and go through the doors easily without letting bugs in.

These three simple modifications can be made now, making summer in your home much more comfortable and convenient!
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