Tuesday, March 15, 2016

5 Ways to Add Extra Living Space in a Small Home

Modern homes are often on the compact side. Estate agents use all kinds of purple prose to make the most of what is essentially a glorified rabbit hutch in some cases, but if you are stuck with a smaller than average home there are several ways you can maximise space without having to move to a larger property.

The Benefits of Extending

Moving home is expensive and stressful. Unless you need to relocate for your career, it is often more sensible to make the most of what your current home has to offer. Adding some extra living space won’t eat too much into your bank account. It is also worth remembering that if you tackle the project in a sensible way, you will increase the value of your home and make it easier to sell when you do eventually decide to upgrade or downsize.

There are lots of ways to add extra living space, but here are the best ones:

1. Attic Conversion
An attic conversion is one of the most popular ways to add an extra bedroom. As long as you have the right type of roof space, it won’t be too difficult to extend up into the attic, and if your neighbours have already done this, securing planning permission will be a breeze.
How cute is this office nook in the attic? Picture source here.

2. Garden Room
Garden rooms come in all shapes and sizes. Timber summer houses are an affordable option for most people, but if you want a garden room you can use all year round, look at building a more permanent structure with masonry walls and a proper roof. If the idea of a contemporary garden room appeals, you can find more info here.

3. Conservatory
Adding a conservatory is a quick and easy way to increase your living space. However, it won’t work unless you have sufficient outside space at the back or side of the house, so be careful not to sacrifice too much of your garden for the sake of a living room extension.
How gorgeous is this covered porch? Picture source here

Cheaper conservatories are great for spring and autumn, but not so great in winter or during the heat of the summer. If you want a conservatory you can use all year round, look at building a sun room or orangery with a higher level of insulation.

4. Basement Extension
Basement extensions are popular in areas where space is at a premium. It is possible to add lots of extra living space below ground level, but the project does need to be undertaken by professionals with plenty of experience in basement construction.

5. Garage Conversion
A garage can easily be converted into extra living space with the addition of more insulation, a door and windows. Be aware, however, that losing your garage means you also lose a useful storage space for miscellaneous junk, not to mention a place to park your car when the weather is bad.

Always draw up a list of pros and cons before you make any final decision, and if you do decide to go ahead with a renovation project, make sure you hire a reputable contractor.
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