Thursday, March 10, 2016

5 Metals That Will Make Your Home Shine

Traditionally, metal was used for its high strength and its durability, and leading suppliers like are still helping builders and home improvement enthusiasts with their building and DIY needs with steel. However, different metals are being used more and more in homes for their aesthetic properties, and as part of the overall look and design of a home. How you incorporate metal into your home is a personal choice, but here are a few ideas that may give you some inspiration for your design.

Picture above: Ruffoni copper canister set with brass acorn finial. Aren't they dreamy?

Copper isn’t only for your piping, it is one of the most stunning metals you can use in your home. It has a beautiful rich colour that can be applied anywhere, but it is certainly a perfect choice for the kitchen or bathroom; and can be used in these rooms in abundance. Worktops, counters, pots and pans, back splashes, and even basins and baths can add to the look of any kitchen or bathroom, so let your imagination run wild and add this lovely warm tone to your home. Though copper is often overlooked as it can discolour, cleaning your copper need not be a troublesome task as long as you have not ignored it for too long.

Whether stainless or not, steel is incredibly versatile in the home. A traditional metal in the kitchen because of stainless steel’s hygienic qualities, there is no reason not to utilize it around your home. Using reflective steel in a lounge will increase the appearance of space and light, while the choices of satin finishes can give you a great option for cupboards, ceilings and even walls. Corrugated steel is now being utilized by interior designers too, and is fantastic for an unusual rustic look.

For furniture, wrought iron has a style all of its own, but iron is also a great statement when constructing stairways or balconies. For an added touch of wrought iron appeal, that will allow light to flow around your home, internal wrought iron gates can be used to replace interior doors, while there is an incredible array of iron ornaments and shelving that will look incredible in most rooms

“As bold as brass’. Need we say more? Another beautiful colour, brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, and is a metal we can use for its incredible golden look. It may not be as popular as other metals, but there is no reason it can’t be used in your home. Used as trimming for furniture it is a delight and adds a look of real quality, while solid brass tables and chairs are also available (at a price). Accessorizing your home with brass is definitely worth investigating, especially as everything from vases to chandeliers are available in this beautiful yellow metal. Brass may be less expensive than copper, but that doesn’t stop it being any the less attractive.

Last, but not least, is bronze. This is an incredibly versatile metal in your home (look here for some stunning examples), and one that you would ignore at your peril. From spiral staircases to avant garde furniture, bronze adds a touch of class to everything, and is rapidly growing as a choice for interior designers.

There is a wonderful choice of materials available for our homes; from beautiful woods to practical plastic, but make sure you consider one of these metals before making your final choice.

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