Sunday, August 21, 2016

ELTE and H&M Home

August has been good to me. I managed to check off the rest of my list for the living room, big accomplishment for someone who suffers from chronic procrastination and OCD. 

It's been a while since I hit up ELTE. This shop just gets me. Everything in it speaks to me, so much so that I had to take home the very first thing I laid my eyes on, this handsome Vista Alegre Carrara Marble bowl. 

Picture below: are these Dahlias the prettiest?

If money was no object and I had a giant house, I would be taking all these home. So dreamy! 

Oh and this pair of Scandinavian take on Windsor chairs in a brass frame and lamb wools. I NEED them in my bedroom, stat. 

It was really hard to stay focused on what I was there for, a coffee table. So here are the options: a round two-tiered one, a tad too small for my living room. 

A nesting gold number but I wasn't too keen on the legs. 

A marble top and brass frame stunner. 

A two-tiered rectangular which came very close to what I had in mind, except for the silver finish. 

And then this, the Boulevard coffee table in a lucite frame with brass corners! I took a pass on this one a few times because 1) I thought I wanted a square one; 2) it's the same size as my current coffee table i.e. too small. But then it dawned on me that I didn't need a square one because I was never going to make the styling in my living room symmetrical. I could easily have two seating areas which would make the layout more intimate. 

So after months of poring over stores and websites, I finally decided this was the coffee table. I can't wait for it to arrive in September. 

Now on to H&M Home. If you are looking for inexpensive and very of-the-moment decor accessories, this is definitely the store for you. 

How fun is this leopard-print collection? 

I took home this black and white checkered pillow. It totally works in my foyer. The exposed brass zipper is just so trendy. 

I hope to be back to post about the new coffee table and drapery soon. 

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