Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Summer Garden 2016

16 heat alerts including 4 extreme heat alerts so far in The Six, how do you like this scorching summer heat? Well, I don't. But this heatwave really makes the plants around my house sing, and that would be enough (insert the "Hamilton" reference). 

Rose of Sharon "Blue Satin" reached its peak bloom a couple of weeks ago. It's still going strong. 

This DIY Petunia flower basket in a whisky barrel planter is a fearless performer under heat. Regular daily watering was all it took to be rewarded with endless blooms.

Remember this little Rhododendron bush in a planter back in May? 

It's now unstoppable in our backyard after I transplanted it to our garden. Some plants are not meant to be kept in a pot. I would say Rhododendron is definitely one of them. 

And of course these two Limelight Hydrangea bushes in my backyard - they are in full bloom almost the same time as they did last year. Their showstopper flowers will carry on until late fall when they fade into a pretty shade of pink. 

These hydrangea bushes are now around 7.5 feet tall. They can grow up to 10 feet at maturity. 

Picture below: Limelight hydrangea in August 2016. 

The picture below is from the same bush last year. If you are an impatient gardener me, you would definitely want to give this specimen a try. Check out this post for tips to grow them. 

Picture below: Limelight hydrangea from August 2015. 

Have you been to H&M Home lately? I happened to be there on our wedding anniversary, and I immediately picked the "I know" mug - my husband was the lucky one to keep the other. I will be back to write about our recent trip to the store, and ELTE

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