Sunday, October 23, 2016

Das Haus Magazine Feature

Holiday season starts in July in the interior design and decor world. Back in the summer, I was approached by the Das Haus ideenMagazin to publish my hand-painted Christmas ball ornaments from last year. A print copy arrived this past Friday, and I was so thrilled to see them featured among other talented bloggers. 

Cover of the Das Haus ideenMagazin 2016 Holiday Issue

My hand-painted glass ball ornaments, à la Kelly Wearstler's Channels, Pierre Frey Kubus-inspired black and gold blocks, and Tasmanian Moroccan rug patterns. 

I was so glad that the editor picked 3 out of my 4 most favourite ones. 

My 2015 Christmas tree in the pictures below. 

I felt already behind this year because I am yet to figure out a theme for this year's Christmas decor. The fact that retailers started to fill shelves with Christmas accessories right after the Canadian Thanksgiving (October 10th) didn't help either. It's almost annoying that retailers constantly bring forward buying schedules for consumers. Halloween stuff would come out around the same time as the back-to-school sale. Fall harvest/Thanksgiving entertaining themes would co-exist with Christmas holiday objects, all the while Halloween costumes still refuse to give up their presence. We live in a push marketing world, don't we? 

Anyhoo, I hope the vision would come to me soon so I could start to share some holiday ideas. 

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