Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Pine-Sol Lavender Review

I am a snob when it comes to the lavender scent. I'd hunt down the most authentic, organic and sweet scent of lavender when picking out household and personal care products. Unfortunately they are hard to come by in the household cleaning product category - those that have strong cleaning power often smell too chemical; and those that smell wonderful usually take too much elbow grease to get the job done. 

Picture below shows you a collection of lavender-scented products I usually use with the Pine-Sol Lavender in the middle. 

So when Angie from Devon Consulting approached me to test out the Pine-Sol's Lavender-scented Multi-Surface Cleaner, I immediately said Yes. A couple of weeks later this package showed up on my doorstep. 

The product promises to cut through the toughest stains, grease and grime while leaving your home with a clean and delightful lavender scent. You can use this cleaner on a variety of surfaces in your house, from the kitchen to the bathroom to the garage. Natural stones like marble and granite however are not listed among them. 

I tested out the Pine-Sol lavender cleaner on three different places/materials in my house: kitchen stainless steel sink, bathroom ceramic sink and kitchen glass ceramic cooktop. The before-and-after pictures below were taken by me without any editing or touchup. 

1) Stainless steel sink: I poured a little bit into my heavily-stained sink, used a soft brush to evenly spread over the stained area, and let it sink for about 5 minutes. The sink looked like this after a quick rinse, not bad at all!  

2) Bathroom ceramic sink: I've always hated the pink stains around the drain. I dabbed a little bit Pine-Sol Lavender with a soft brush and smeared around the stained area. This time I didn't let it sit but rather rinse the sink right away. And voila, it's sparkling and just like new. So it worked really well on water stains and ceramic surface. 

3) Glass ceramic cooktop: getting rid of baked-on burnt stains was a constant struggle. I was under the impression that Cerama Bryte was the safest and the best for this type of surface but boy was I wrong. Today I could finally bid all that scrubbing goodbye with the Pine-Sol Lavender. All I did was to wipe the surface with a paper towel dabbed in a little bit of the product. As you could see in the picture below, all the smudges were gone in a snap. It worked extremely well on the glass ceramic cooktop. 

In summary, Pine-Sol Lavender is a powerful and versatile cleaner. A little bit goes a long way so be sure to follow the instructions. The lavender scent is amazing - it left my house smelling super fresh afterwards, a definite bonus for such a robust cleaning product. The scent is a bit strong but it's sweet and pleasant and not chemical at all. My only suggestion would be to also have it available in a spray bottle. But I suppose I could just dilute it into a spray bottle myself. So all pluses, there's no downside.

The Pine-Sol Lavender Cleaner was given to me to test out. All the opinions above are my own.

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