Thursday, October 6, 2016

Picking a New Rug

I am sure you know by now that in Michelle's design world, one thing always leads to another, or the so-called serial decorating. 

The new silk drapes in the living room now avail me a neutral palette to layer in different colour accents. It's no longer a blue room but it also feels a bit flat (or dare I say boring). I've had the ELTE Boulevard coffee table on order (ETA end of October), but brass is hardly a colour accent. 

I really don't want to repaint the walls, or make any other more permanent changes to the room. So that leaves me the area rug, something that has a large presence in the room and can make a first "colour" impression. I love a monochromatic room but it has to have different tones and textures to stay visually interesting. Here are my options:

Option 1: Layer a black and white cowhide piece over the existing rug, like this:
Picture source
I actually found a perfectly patterned hide.

Option 2: A Moroccan style rug, like this hand-tufted number on Wayfair. I was so in love with it until my husband kindly reminded me that it's not very different from what we have and also "white" in colour. To him, white colour only comes in one shade, and it's white!

Option 3: A more modern take on an Oushak rug, like the following two. Both are available through Wayfair, and very reasonably priced. I am crazy about the fringe. 

Picture below: Arcadia purple rug by Unique Loom on

It also has a blue version.

Or a grey one with bolder patterns. 

Option 4: A real Oushak silk rug. Can you tell I have a thang for Turkish rug lately? The following pictures were taken during our trip to Turkey last year. A real Oushak silk rug can get expensive very quickly, but they are definitely an investment piece. For $10,000, this gorgeous number with a very subtle sheen and pattern could be mine. 

For $120,000, this 8x10 stunner could come home with me.

Which one is your favourite? And which one would you use for my living room?

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